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Spartacus Systems Internet Hosting

Spartacus Systems offers a full line of Internet hosting solutions. Whether you want to host a small, family web site or a full-blown e-commerce business site -- or anything in between -- we can provide reliable yet affordable solutions.

We do this by providing you space on a powerful server located in one of our data centers. Our data centers are state-of-the-art facilities connected by redundant high-speed fiber-optic digital data lines, featuring generator-based electrical backup systems, and our machines are monitored 24/7/365.25 and have well over 99% uptime.

What type of hosting do we do?Server picture

In short, everything Internet-related. We can provide hosting for:

Your own "" Internet web site. (We also do domain name registrations.)
FTP file transfer services to allow others to download files from your Internet domain.
Internet "sub-domains". (For example, in addition to "" names like "" or "".)
Full e-mail server services. E-Mail addresses from your own domain name with spam (junk mail) filtering, mailing lists, mail forwarding and more.

If we stopped there we would offer fast, reliable service for a great price. But we take it further.

30-day money-back guaranteeOur hosting services also provide you with:

A 30-day money back hosting guarantee. Try us out for a month and if you're dissatisfied for any reason, we'll give your money back and apologize for wasting your time.

Consulting services to install, set up, configure and/or maintain your web site(s).

What makes you better than all the other hosting providers?

Umm, we're not better than all the other providers. But we do have many strengths. Key among them are:

• Support. Spartacus Systems is at its core a consulting and services business. Making customers happy is our primary job and we've been doing it for a long time.

• Integrity. Some hosting providers will "over sell" capacity, overloading servers and/or making outrageous bandwidth or disk allowances, while hoping that their customers never use their full amount of resources because it would be impossible for all customers to use their full resources at the same time. That isn't ethical, and we simply won't stoop to such levels.

• Reliability. We know networking and servers. Some hosting companies run on cheap desktop PCs. That saves money but it is a recipe for unreliable service. Our servers are built specifically as servers. We have a track record of years of experience maintaining our systems at a 99%+ uptime.

• Service and Services. With our hosting package you are, in effect, renting server space, capacity, and Internet bandwidth. But Spartacus Systems also can provide consulting services. Whether you need someone to set up, configure, or administer and maintain your Internet domain, we can provide an array of services to enable you to operate at new levels of efficiency. contact us for details.

Are you ready to set yourself up on the world-wide Internet? The next step is to choose one of our hosting plans and/or contact us to place an order.

More questions? See our Hosting FAQ.